UNIT 06 - Making arrangements

Making arrangements

In this unit you will learn how to arrange a business meeting, respond to messages, exchange information on telephone conversations and tell the time in different time zones.


Listen to this conversation between an executive and the operator of a company group. Then, organize the order of the sentences in the tabs.

Now listen again and repeat. Then, set with one of your colleagues to make a call and practice this conversation with the supervision of your teacher.


Listen to this telephone conversation for arranging a meeting and check the words and expressions you hear from the previous unit. The new ones will be  HOW ABOUT and LOOKING FORWARD TO.

Now listen again and do yourself the man’s part as many times as necessary for a good performance. Then, record it and send the audio to your teacher.


Listen to the audio with different people leaving telephone messages and  write down the important information. Then, check your notes with the answer key. 


From: Al More (C&D Systems)
To: Mr. Hussain
Message: Parts didn’t arrive
Number: 555-4291 (mobile)

From: Naomi Saito
To: Mr. Marshall
Message: She will call again around 1:30

From: Pam
To: Jim
Message: Can’t go to the meeting
Email: [email protected]


Time zones

A time zone is an area of uniform time for legal, commercial and social purposes. They usually follow boundaries instead of attaching strictly to longitude because of the convenience for areas in frequent communication to keep the same time.

Defined as offsets from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), time zones range from UTC−12:00 to UTC+14:00, where the offsets are usually a whole number of hours.

Daylight saving time

Some areas of higher latitude use daylight saving time for about half of the year, typically by adding one hour to local time during spring and summer.



When calling other people in different countries it’s always important to be aware of the time difference. Answer these questions about the time in different places considering it’s 5 o’clock p.m. in São Paulo and no daylight saving time. Then, check your answers with your colleagues.


Do you ever need to talk to people in English on the phone?
Are you able to set up a meeting or take messages if  needed?
How important is a cell phone in your daily work?
Do people use more mobiles or computers in your company?
Which time zone is your head office located in?
What time is it there right now?


Can you hold?
Daylight saving time
How about … ?
Leave a message
Looking forward to

Put through
Set up/arrange a meeting
Telephone operator
The line is/I am busy
Time zone